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How to leverage life’s obstacles
to reach financial success

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As I mentioned in my book, Power To Change Lives, I use this worksheet to help my clients identify areas for their real estate investments. You can read in detail how to use this worksheet in Chapter 12. Please enter your email below and we will send you the download link.

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In this book, Helen shares her struggles with an honesty that inspires others to face their own challenges with the same determined attitude. Interspersed with tales of her pursuit of the American Dream, she demonstrates how she secured her financial security so that her readers and clients can discover their own path to freedom.

About Helen Chong

Helen Chong is the founder of HAYLEN Group, a residential and commercial real estate firm in Silicon Valley. She went from being a struggling immigrant with zero real estate experience to being a top real estate producer leading her own team, a leader within the real estate industry, and an active real estate investor


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